Monday, January 19, 2009

New Endeavors!

Hello everyone! I realize the Eclectic Collective has not blogged in some time, but it is because we are currently searching for an official space for the EC in San Diego! So stay posted because there is so many exciting things coming for us....
The Eclectic Collective Arts and Culture Center is going to be a place for the San Diego artist and art loving community to gather and share!! There will be monthly concerts- with absolutely AMAZING artists, art exhibits, workshops, book signings, movie premiers, and more!
So, stay VERY tuned, and soon enough we will be announcing our grand opening!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Legendary trumpet player Mac Johnson, with the boys Leo and Ryan at "The Eclectic Collective presents The Soul Serenade"
This show starred Mississippi blues pioneer Ernest Lane- and featured some amazing artists on backup! What a show that was- was amazing to see people get up out of their seats and dance honoring some of the movers and shakers of boogie woogie blues!- in a theater nonetheless- but when the people wanna dance- the people dance!
Steph Johnson graced the stage singing Ike and Tina's "Fool in Love"- she channeled the R&B rock and roll legend Tina Turner- but who wouldn't be inspired standing in front of "The Kings of Rhythm" the folks that played that song with Tina back in the day!
JZMN came on and gave a healthy dose of the new school with their hip hop R&B inspired song "Get On"- which premiered on their album recorded in India while studying under the auspices of the one and only Pandit Ravi Shankar-
Chris Schmoke lent his amazing voice to act as master of ceremonies- and rocked it! The show was an absolute blast- and everyone in the audience learned a little about deep south blues that night through the EC produced Multimedia video and amazing musical line up-- what a night!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Eclectic Collective!

Hey everyone and welcome to the Eclectic Collective Blog! We are happy to have you!
The Eclectic Collective is a non-profit foundation geared towards promoting multi-culturalism, education, entertainment, live performance, tolerance and understanding...
The Eclectic Collective was formed by a group of musicians and artists who as a collective, experienced years of world wide training and study. The EC was formed to draw upon and promote their unique experiences.
The Eclectic Collective consists of both a concert, and in school outreach programs...
The performances involve master musicians from around the world, ranging from Indian Classical, to Israeli, Hip hop to jazz and more.... These concerts also involve multimedia and art installations in our set design. The mission of the EC concert is to bring together generations and cultures, in a unique and highly entertaining way, while simeultaneously educating our audience- and offering the absolute best musicians and artists to our community!
The in school programs involve the EC core ensemble travelling to schools and providing master classes to students, with a live performance, question and answer period, educational handouts, and instructional, artistically created video..
Please enjoy our blog! Read about us, learn about us, get involved! We are passionate about the arts and the importance of preserving live music! WE are passionate about exposing the community to music of the world! And the EC is dedicated to bringing you only the absolute
The Eclectic Collective has many interesting stories, as the ensemble consists of 17 musicians from around the world, from Calcutta to Israel, Mexico to Mississippi... The core of the Eclectic Collective began with a group of musicians who were fortunate to tour and study under some of the most influencial artists of our time... The core members had the absolute pleasure and honor of travelling to India, and studying music under the great ambassador of India, and Beethoven of our time, Pandit Ravi Shankar. During this time, the members not only learned the deep study of music, but they learned about tradition, ryhthms, respect and focus. The core members also had the pleasure of working with blues legends Ike Turner as the Kings of Rythm, sharing stages with Blues icons- learning the fundimentals of the deepest blues, born in the Mississippi.. The list of collaborations goes on and on, from working with Mexican, Israeli artist and television figure Zeji Ozeri, to backing up the amazing Soul singer, Earl Thomas- the repertoire expanded and expanded.. Bringing the artists to present day.... After meeting and working with such a rainbow of musicians, artists and designers- The inevatable happened and the Eclectic Collective was born... with a mission of bringing these iconic figures together, and offering what we have had the pleasure to witness, to the community at large.. To educate the community by presenting artists who present their cultural perspective masterfully... To entertain people, and get bodies movin! The members of the Eclectic Collective, founders and artists, all possess a DEEP respect and study of music...
The Eclectic Collective is fueled by generosity, and cannot be perpetuated without help from people who believe in us! We are a foundation, and can keep running with donations from folks like you that believe in our cause!
Any donation is a tax write off, so please donate today! Make checks payable to ECCS and mail to 736 Neptune Avenue- Encinitas, CA 92024- upon receipt of your donation, you will be mailed an official receipt to be used for your write off!
And thank you for visitting....
Stay tuned for Video- showdates.... and more!